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The HydraBus is an open source multi-tool hardware for anyone interested in learning/developping/debugging/hacking basic or advanced embedded hardware.
The MCU is one of the fastest and lowest power Cortex M4F on the market.
HydraBus can be also used as Test Bench for hardware validation/test with help of embedded python script or native C/C++ firmware.
HydraBus is evolutive with the help of “Shield” hardware extensions (first Shield is HydraNFC).
HydraBus can execute python 3 scripts as a port of micropython is done (published on my github: https://github.com/bvernoux/micropython)
Feature of the HydraBus board:
  • MCU ARM 32-bit Cortex M4+FPU up to 168MHz (can exceed 200MHz with overclocking if required), 64KB CCM data SRAM, 192KB SRAM, 1MB Embedded Flash (with power consumption of less than 100mA/3.3V with all peripherals enabled), ultra-low power mode (down to less than 2mA for specific treatment)
  • Up to 2 shields can be plugged at same time (on top and bottom)
  • 2 Micro USB port (1 OTG and 1 Device/Host) with ESD protection
  • Micro SD slot with 4bit SD and SDIO mode support in hardware (up to 48MHz about 24MB/s)
  • Reset & User Button with User Led (can be disabled to reuse I/O)
  • Breakout of all 44 I/O (some are used by Micro SD and USB 1&2)
  • Programming firmware through embedded bootloader USB1 DFU FS (without any debugger, just requires 1 wire BOOT0 to +3.3V then Reset)
  • Debug/Programming through low cost SWD Debug connector (can be programmed/debugged using a low cost NUCLO F401RE or STM32F4 Discovery board for less than 20US$)
  • Standard Dangerous Prototypes PCB size DP6037_v1 (see http://dangerousprototypes.com/docs/Sick_of_Beige_basic_case_v1)
  • Hardware licence CC BY NC (for commercial licence contact info@hydrabus.com)
  • Size: 60x37x13 mm
Features of the HydraBus embedded firmware:
  • Fully open source software (GPL, LGPL and ChibiOS licence for chibios part linked).  Virtual Serial Port access through microUSB with VT100 terminal/shell (compatible with any hardware supporting USB Virtual Serial port).
  • Support of microSD (FAT16/FAT32) card up to 32GB (tested with SanDisk Extreme 32GB and lot of other cards)
  • Usage of ChibiOS v3 (OS+Drivers) and microrl (modified to manage multi-shell) for VT100 terminal with history, completion and lot of other features

Planned features:

  • UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, GPIO, Parallel Bus (2 to 32bits) with mode sniffer, read and write (with option to log data in realtime to MicroSD) (depending on feedback)
  • 1/2/3 Wire with mode sniffer, read and write (depending on feedback)
  • Basic Multimeter up to 3.3V (depending on feedback)
  • Basic Scope up to 3.3V and up to 7.2MSPS/12bits (depending on feedback)
  • USB 1.x/2.0 LS/FS sniffer mode (using special passthrough mode with logging directly to MicroSD) (depending on feedback)
  • Same command/syntax as defined in BusPirate menu (with some extensions/new features) (depending on feedback)

Details & Downloads

Details & Downloads

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