Slice of Relay - RPi Dual Relay Board

Dual Relay mit 2 x 10A @ 250V AC

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The Slice of Relay is a fully assembled add on board for the Raspberry Pi computer. It has 2 high power relays for switching external electrical circuits. The board plugs directly into the Pi’s 26 way GPIO header and is controlled by two I/O pins. The pins can be altered to any other if desired by removing the red jumpers and wiring to a different pin.

The product comes with 2 x 10A relays which are rated at up to 250v AC.

MAINS USE should NEVER be attempted by anyone unfamiliar, not competent and not qualified. The whole board including Pi should be enclosed in an isolated enclosure. We accept no responsibility for misuse at any voltage, including mains. MAINS CAN KILL!

If you need to expand your GPIO header to support another connection, there are a second row of holes which you can solder to.


  • 2 high power relays
  • 10A Relays
  • Up to 250v AC (see safety warning)
  • Economical
  • LED indicators for both relays
  • Can be run from any GPIO pinOn board if desired



Length: 55.5 mm 
Width: 40.2 mm 
Depth: 26 mm
Weight: 42 grams maximum
Supply voltage: 5v relays / 3.3v I/O
Current no relay on: 0ma
Current 1 relay on: 71ma @ 5v
Current 2 relays on: 137ma @ 5v5

Details & Downloads

Details & Downloads

Artikelnummer PI-MMP-WTS-0007
Hersteller Diverse
Garantie (Monate) 24


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